Monday, 12 September 2011

Fashionable Fingers First

You may know by now I am a little obsessed with Chanel Nail Polish. So I got ever so excited over the weekend when I saw this little film - The Chanel Shade Parade. Almost like a music video, it showcases some of their most popular shades. Very Chic! Very Moulin Rouge!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

THE Dress - The Mulberry Raglan

Most people have an elusive item...something that you want but never managed to get your hands on. The item that's been and gone seasons ago. The thing that you stalk ebay for knowing that the chances of it coming up is slim, it coming up in your size is like winning the lottery. Mine is The Mulberry Raglan Dress from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection....or should I say was!

That was until I took a visit to Bicester Village in Oxford. Every time i go into Mulberry I feel like touching all the lovely bags and clothes. I skipped to the back of the shop and let out a little squeal when I saw it hanging alone on the rail...IN MY SIZE.

Now I know Mulberry isn't cheap but I think for a special one off purchase it's totally worth it. Better still it was over £500 cheaper because I got it in the outlet shop. If you haven't been to Bicester Village and you are after an elusive designer item I totally recommend it. I plan to christen the dress at my little sister's 21. Do you like?

The Mulberry Raglan Dress

The cute little bird they put on the Mulberry shopping bag

Mulberry Raglan Dress Autumn/Winter 2010

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cherry Healey Style

Cherry Healey:

Over the past few weeks I have been really been enjoying watching Cherry Healey in Cherry's Body Dilemma's and Cherry's Cash Dilemma's on BBC 3. Cherry is excellent and I really like the really natural way she takes on all kinds of challenges as we follow her on her adventures to meet all kinds of interesting people.

There's one thing that seems to be almost as popular as her programme - her style! It's not hard to see why. If you head over to her blog here you can see some of her outfit photos where she works out her Fashion Maths which = lots of great outfits. My favourite is this one. A great leather jacket that lost of readers on Cherry's Blog seem to love. Hopefully she will reveal where it is from. It's such a shame the Zara maxi skirt isn't avaliable anymore but I am concidering making my own. It should be quite easy to do if I can track down some great fabric.

It's not just Cherry's clothes that we love. She wears her hair in some lovely up-do's including an Erdem style head plat or "Princess Leia Hair" as she calls it, which you can learn to do here. I noticed during the programmes that she wears a lovely shade of red lipstick that I just hadn't managed to find in the shops so I got in touch with her to find out exactly which one she wore. Cherry said

"Hi Claire,
I searched for such a long time before I found a red that suited my colourings - Chanel no.14 seems to do the trick - the 'classic' is the no.64 but I think it's just slightly too dark. I also mix the lipstick with Superdrug's Barry M brand lipliner in red - it's so good you could pretty much get away with wearing that alone - and it lasts forever. And it's about £3. Yes please. Cxxx"

So there you have it! I will post again after I have given the shades she suggests a try. There's nothing like a bit of red lipstick to brighten up my outfits on these dark Autumn days.

Gold Finger (Nails!)

Ever since Victoria Beckham tweeted back in May that there were 3 new metallic Autumn shades of Chanel nail polish I got ridiculously excited. As you can see here I have a bit of a thing for Chanel polish and although it's on the pricier side, it does last a while and the colours are always the 'hot' colours of the season. As soon as I saw the tweet I knew I had to have the gold polish - 531 Peridot. It nearly didn't happen though as I went to every stockist in Birmingham who were all sold out and eventually got the second to last bottle in Worcester's House of Fraser. If you like it there may still be the odd one around, try calling your local Boots, Debenhams or House of Fraser. If you still can't find it then it is already selling on ebay with not too high a mark-up. After all...if it's good enough for Mrs B it's good enough for me!

Photo: Victoria Beckham Twitter