Sunday, 29 April 2012

Royal Blue for Her Majesty

Well today is the day I realised I do actually have something in common with the Queen. It turns out we share the same favourite colour - Blue!

Vogue magazine has studied every outfit the Queen has worn in the last 12 months to find out the colour she likes to wear most. I love this so much. She is amazing and I think this shows just how stylish she is. This image will feature in May's Vogue.

What do you think of Her Majesty's style? 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

How To...Fishtail Plait

I have wanted to be able to do a fishtail plait for AGES. Over Easter I had some time to finally learn how to do it. I taught myself how to French plait years ago but when Look Magazine's Friday Night Hair email landed in my inbox I thought it was about time.

I tried to follow their video but didn't have much luck. I found the most complicated bit where you cross the hair over really hard to see. This coupled with the fact that I was trying to do it at the back of my head was giving me neck ache. If you have a friend to practice on or some hair extensions then it really would be much easier. 

I looked around online for a better How To video that I could follow. This one makes it as easy as it can be. After watching it I finally managed my first fishtail plait! Are you any good at them? Let me know how you get on. It really is easier than French Plaits.

These instructions are also fairly easy to follow as a reminder after you have watched the video.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Live with Myleene

Myleene (Source: Daily Mail Online)

I spotted the lovely Myleene Klass online today rocking my kind of outfit...with FLATS! This outfit is totally my style so I had to track it down. Luckily, the lovely Myleene was ever so helpful with my search.

I couldn't find the skirt on the Anthropologie website so I called the lovely Henry from their Regent Street store who found it for me. It's by Yoana Baraschi and is called the Neoclassic Tattoo Pencil Skirt in Milk. They have some in stock and you can mail order plus their customer service was excellent.

What do you think of Myleene's style? Myleene has also been showcasing some great outfits all week on Channel 5's Live With Myleene.