Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wrap Up Warm with Alice Hannah

Brrrr!!!! It's cold outside and with only 6 days to go until Christmas I really can't face anymore Christmas shopping. I've been looking for the perfect new scarf all winter and when my friend Natalie arrived the other day wearing a massive soft scarf that almost doubled as a blanket, I had to find out where it was from...she didn't know!

Luckily, her friend Tom who got them for her also got her a pair of gloves that still had the label in. I had the answer to my perfect scarf riddle - ALICE HANNAH 

Jewel Shawl Scarf (photo by Alice Hannah)

I'd never heard of them before but it turns out they are stocked in quite a few high street shops and have a lovely website. They didn't have Natalie's scarf in their current collection but I chose the Shawl Stripe scarf and some teal cable knit gloves.

They arrived today and are super soft and cosy. If you haven't got yourself a winter scarf yet or are still looking for a present this would be perfect. 

Alice Hannah is available at Asos and even has scarfs reduced to half price at the moment. It even has some exclusive items. I particularly love the pomodoro, black and cream colour block scarf. Maybe I should get another one or maybe Santa will deliver? 

Alice also has some beautiful silk scarfs coming in 2013- stunning floral prints and lace. Now I can't wait for summer.

Spring/Summer 2013 Silk Scarf (photo by Alice Hannah)

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