Sunday, 24 June 2012

Whistles Wisteria Print

Meeting the wizards in my Wisteria print trousers

Regular readers will know that Whistles is one of the brands that I LOVE! Everything from their designs to their great customer service attracts me to buy something every season.

By far my favourite pieces this spring/summer has been the Wisteria print from Whistles. Ever since their collection launched I was desperate to get my hands on a piece of the Wisteria action. I waited until Grazia released their 20% off discount code and (ahhhhemm) accidentally on purpose fell into Whistles to pick up the Wisteria dress. I have worn the dress everywhere!

It didn't stop there.

I have seen the likes of Bargainista Fashionista, Nieto Noticed and even Olivia Palermo rocking the hottest Whistles items of the year so far, The Wisteria Pyjamas. I have waited and ummed and ahhhed about whether I could put it off. To the point where Whistles had sold out of both the trousers and top in my size. Then in what I would like to call a twist of fashion fate, ASOS had one remaining pair of the trousers appear online in my size. Well, it would be rude not to buy when the fashion gods have helped me so much, wouldn't it?

So here they are, on their debut outing in London. If nothing else, at least the wizards will like them.

If you are still after a pair of the trousers or the dress then they are still available and I have even done the hard work for you in tracking them down. At the time of writing ASOS still have UK size 6 & 8 available in the trousers and most sizes in the dress and students can get 10% off. Whistles themselves can also do a stock check for you if you email and they will do mail order. They don't have many sizes in the trousers left but St Christopher's Place did have a few left in a size 14. Also worth a call is House of Fraser Dublin Dundrum which still had size 10 and 14. Unfortunately, the top is totally sold out.

Have you got any Wisteria Print? Have you had nice comments or have people been asking why you're wearing your Pyjamas to work?

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